SABC Survivor China stuff up..

Wow.. im no television fan ( i dont even have satellite tv ) but i would just like to commend the South African Broadcast Corporation (SABC ) for a fuck up (sorry there is no other word) of quite marvelous proportions.

They have been showing Survivor China (on SABC 3) for a while now and tonight was supposed to be the season finale. It came down to the three final contestants who had to face the jury who would in turn eventually decide on a winner… cut to extended ad break and the show returns to …wait for it… the damn reunion show where within the first 5 seconds they announce who the winner is??? W T F!!!!!????

They then showed the entire reunion episode ( way to do some damage control there SABC ) before insulting viewer intelligence by airing the final jury tribal council after everyone clearly now knew who the winner was.

There are gonna be some mighty pissed off tannies tomorrow. SABC you bunch of wankers…shame on you..what kind of service is wonder people get MNET…coz you suck.



~ by mcsavage on August 31, 2009.

15 Responses to “SABC Survivor China stuff up..”

  1. I hope somebody gets fired. This has seriosuly pissed me off!

  2. Totally agree. couldnt have said it better myself

  3. Survivor was the only programme i watch on SABC, bunch of idiots, remind me why we pay TV licences? We pay them so that they can have four people in one position, so that the big wigs can drive fancy cars & live in luxury houses, so that the station can do what they promised never to do ie. broadcast the Confed Cup on a wide most of the game… (if i hadn’t switched over to Supersport I would never have known who was playing in our team) and mess up the most popular SABC programmes. SORT IT OUT NOW!!!!

  4. Hahahaha!!!!

  5. I totally agree – this is the only show I’ve bothered to watch over the past few weeks and they go and stuff up the most important 20mins. Mistakes are happening more and more on SABC 3 – blank screens, etc – not to mention pre-historic re-runs, poor quality local drama (think The Complex). I have to question what I’m paying for!

  6. LOL yeah, I was fuming and of cause twittering as soon as the reunion was over. what makes it even more ridiculous is that they apparently didn’t even notice they played the wrong tape until the news, because after the show they played a bunch of time fillers because they “surprisingly” had a whole lot of time left before the news!

    they would show the crying game and reveal the twist right after the first fikkin ad break!

  7. they showed the whole thing again? i missed it the esecond time. they really are a bunch of morons. by the ways, google “survivor denise”… it turns out she got caught in a lie and didn’t get the 50 000 after all…

  8. Simple – stop paying your TV licence. SABC fat cats get licence fees from us and huge bailout from the taxman (er that’s us again) and still cant simply put the correct casette in the machine!

    As far as I am concenred the latest bailout using my tax dollars means that I have now paid my TV licence for at least the next 10 years. – don’t come knocking on my door.

  9. Idiots! who hires these incompetent fuckers to start with. My reality freak neighbour and I went bananas when SABC messed the series for us. SABC1 on the other hand is busy feeding us re-runs of old boring dramas – I really feel sorry for people with no satelite TV. And they still want us to pay R250 for their stupid TV licence gaad! SABC SUCK and that’s the future.Multichoice really needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with ways to accomodate the masses with their exobirtant fee. People need real TV not the load of crap SABC feeds people. SABC does not give a damn as they know the masses have no means to take it up with them. SABC we are really fed up with you.

  10. Affirmative management

  11. I suggest joining the SABC facebook group and telling them what we think. My contribution: “Come on in guys. First things first. Hand back the immunity idol. Your SABC job is back up for grabs. Would you like to hear what you are playing for? A free trip to a lesser known but fascinating Siberian TV channel. Any questions? Let’s get started.”

  12. You sad mofos

  13. yeah SABC suck. i wish that dstv will buy the right for survivor and the amazing race ( the only 2 shows i watch on SABC )

  14. […] Just incase you missed the last SABC cock up CLICK HERE. […]

  15. […] that Life is Savage is no fan of the Survivor show (especially since that SABC 3  China cock up HERE) , but im gonna give the new Celebrity Survivor South Africa on MNET the benefit of the […]

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