“South Africa is probably the leading economy in the world”

“Kak man..what are you talking about?” yes..thats exactly what i said!

I knew we are rocking in Africa, but the world as well?? ..you can’t be serious..surely our economy can’t compete with global giants?

Actually, if an article by CNBC European Business is anything to go buy then South Africa has since the end of apartheid become an economic powerhouse.15 of the top 16 companies in Africa are from here and next time any foreigner gives you attitude about how awesome their country is just hit them with this gem of a quote :

“South Africa is probably the leading economy in the world.No other country of our size and economic ranking has produced as many globally successful Fortune 500 companies as we have. The only comparable country is South Korea.No other comparably sized emerging market has been able to succeed in doing that; not even the Chinese, not even the Indians.”


Think im joking…go see the source article  CNBC European Business: Continental Shift  for yourself and be proud.


~ by mcsavage on August 27, 2009.

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