Jessica Biel is dangerous..she wants to infect your computer..

Jessica Biel has a virus…well not exactly.At least 1 in 5 searches  including her name will contain harmful malware according to McAfee Inc. the online security company.

Jessica Biel has been named this years most dangerous internet star and searching for her tittehs is more likely than any other celebrity to result in a virus or spyware that may damage your computer.

What a retarded idea for McAfee to release such info..coz everybody who read it today and is researching the story has just googled Jessica Biel and now one out of five computers have Jessica  cooties..they shoulda just said that Tom Cruisemydouche  is the most dangerous and we would have been spared…nobody googles him do they?


 So innocent looking.. but Life is Savage decided to live on the wild side and post this picture anyways…if your computer starts itching then give it a quick Zuma shower..(ok dont do that..seriously.)


~ by mcsavage on August 25, 2009.

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