Jean Pant criminals resurface..

Wow, it been ages since one of these cropped up.. and since its a slow Monday morning i may as well throw it in ya.If you happen to not know what a jean pant criminal(JPC) is then educate yourself  HERE

This rather beefy chap was apparently strutting around the gym confident that his jean pant would not raise any eyebrows… wrong he was!He made no attempt to hide the fact that his faded ,slightly torn( the ready made kind..oh the shame) jean pant was causing fellow workout people to question their memberships.Judging from the picture he may even be a foreign JPC …rare for this time of year.

My source reveals that he was engaging in some bicep curls and bench press along with just general walking around inviting the other members to mentally vomit on him.



(Thanks David)


~ by mcsavage on August 24, 2009.

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