Hardcore drugs now legal in Mexico.Orale Orale..andale!!!Arriba!!

The mexican government has just passed a bill that would legalise small amounts of hardcore drugs for personal use.True story..

The law will essentially decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin.According to the New York Times:

“Mexican lawmakers passed a sweeping new drug law early Friday that would crack down on small-time dealers, legalize the possession of small quantities of drugs and mandate treatment for addicts.” [More here]

The exact allowances are as follows:

“marijuana ,5 grams—the equivalent of about four joints. The limit is a half gram for cocaine, the equivalent of about 4 “lines.” For other drugs, the limits are 50 milligrams of heroin, 40 milligrams for methamphetamine and 0.015 milligrams for LSD”

My secret source has revealed that Amy Winehouse has just packed up all her sh*t and is moving to Mexico permanently..junkies rejoice!!

amy winehouse

"im really happy, you just cant tell because my face is a little numb."


~ by mcsavage on August 22, 2009.

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