Usain Bolt smashes the 200 meter record..again.

Was there any doubt?? Who says lightning doesnt strike twice!? (so savage but not mine.. but im claiming it anyway)

Usain Bolt smashed his own 200 meter time in Berlin by a ridiculous 0.11 seconds to complete the race in 19.19 seconds.

“I’m on my way to being a legend” ; Bolt reportedly said. Life is Savage likes the arrogance there i must say.

Watch him in HD(ya this is some awesome quality youtube for a change)  as he dominates big time.

Bolt’s victory prompted his sponsor’s Puma to deliver this press release:

“Usain Bolt-mania reached fever pitch at the Olympic Stadium tonight, where thousands of people have gathered to see him push the limits of human speed. His achievements during the 12th IAAF World Championship have captured the world’s attention. PUMA’s “who faster?” campaign running through out the world in support of these championships has only one answer, ‘NO ONE’.

For the FULL PRESS RELEASE click here

Puma Usain Bolt


~ by mcsavage on August 21, 2009.

One Response to “Usain Bolt smashes the 200 meter record..again.”

  1. He kicked butt

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