Jeff Goldblum you dodgy fly you..

56 year old Jeff Goldblum  of “The Fly” fame is reportedly going all Jurassic(just like that i throw it in there) and dating 21 year old Tania Raymonde who featured in the TV series Lost. They were spotted out recently in Los Angeles  getting all touch feely with each other and you can see more pics here.

Jeff..ol buddy ol pal..what you up to there my friend? Thats quite an age gap i must say. Life is Savage is wondering if you are stepping up as the male version of Mandonna but i must admit you didn’t do too badly. She reminds me of a hotter and less dirty Amy Winehouse.

jeff goldblumtania_raymonde

Stumbled upon this little gem for your spot on is this guys impression of Jeff Goldblum. He even does the crazy eye thingy.. good stuff..i think he should call up Tania and record it..then send it to Life is Savage coz we came up with idea.. huh?? ya ..i know ..its a stretch but we try.


~ by mcsavage on August 20, 2009.

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