Who’s that girl?

Ok…i got two candidates for this weeks “who’s that girl?” and i honestly couldnt decide which one to feature so count yourself lucky because im giving you both..bam..how’d you like them apples..no need to thank me..

First up: Dayana Mendoza..look familiar but cant quite put your finger on it (yes that too.dream on buddy)..she is the current Miss Universe who’s reign is coming to an end.Maxim decided to show her off in their latest issue.

dayana mendoza

And next up we have a more refined (and considerably more wealthy ) “who’s that girl”..the co-owner of Marchesa fashion label Georgina Chapman..pure savage class i tell you..

Georgina Chapman

See..dont ever say Life is Savage doesnt teach you anything.Now you can seem savage with all your guy friends and ask them if they know who Dayana Mendoza is, or just drop  Georgina Chapman’s name amoungst some females and get some respect…you decide..its there..in the universe..feel free.


~ by mcsavage on August 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Who’s that girl?”

  1. There is this amazing thing called a space that educated people put after full stops. Perhaps you should research ‘dem apples, loser.

  2. You are indeed correct…i have for sometime neglegted the space after a full stop that educated people use and from now on i will try my utmost to remedy that situation.
    I am slightly confused as to why you would call me a loser when a post that includes Dayana Mendoza looking like that would result in you merely commenting on my grammar?? Strange..but thanks for commenting any way.

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