Porche Gemballa “Mistrale” Panamera..

Seems like Wednesday is turning into boys day what with all the testoterone floating around..well might as well roll with it then.. hey?! What do you recon..all the man beef in the house start making caveman noises and loud supercar sounds..coz thats about as close as you gonna get to this puppy im afraid.

I give you the modified Porche Gemballa “Mistrale” Panamera.The leaked images have surfaced in the last couple of days and lets just say they are pretty.

gemballa mistrale


Gemballa Mistrale

And if you wanna see a Porche Panamera in action then take a ride with Jay Leno..coz apparently he knows cars and Porche promised him a chin reduction if he punted their new vehicle.


~ by mcsavage on August 19, 2009.

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