The Baby Chronicles : 30 weeks 4 days

The last couple of baby chronicles posts centered on some serious topics (circumcision and birthing options) so we are gonna get back to telling you whats happening with the baby momma and the little one…oh and lets not forget the sexiest dad in the world(ok he paid me to say that).

17.08.2009 079Lots of action happening and it seems like the baba knows all the attention is on him since his momma says he kicks like Morne Steyn(apologies if you are not a South African rugby fan)…especially in the mornings and evenings.His eyes are apparently opening now and he reacts when dad shines a light on the moms tummy(ha..i can just picture that crazy pops with an industrial strength torch blinding the poor little guy!).

He weighs about 1.3 kilograms or 3 pounds and is about 16 inches/40 centimeters long.Baby Dylan can gain a staggering 500 grams per week at this point and momma definately is showing it.She says she just exploded horizontally in the last 2 weeks and at present weighs 167 pounds/76 kilo’s…dang!( said i should mention you just incase you read this and want to sponsor baby Dylan…forever..blame him..he has issues).

Today momma told me that she cant see her own feet..speaking of which..i read in a text book that due to pregnancy hormones some women can go up a  foot size and it doesnt go back once the baby is born!There you go..lesson for the day: want bigger feet? easy,get pregnant!(so random but Dad came up with that and you all know how he thinks).

west  coast spring flowers

Mom is sleeping poorly again and Dad says he  will testify to that since he has been kicked in the nuts on so many occasions but he doesnt dare complain since Momma’s emotions are a little wonky again.Yesterday he said she cried when a stranger congratulated her on how pretty her tummy looked.Apparently mom is overwhelmed at how nice everyone is to her especially her friends.

Mom and Dad went to Baby City the other day and you should have seen dads face when he saw how many things there were to chose from.He says they are deliberately trying to confuse him(its not that hard mom said after she found him mesmerized in front of a TV demonstrating breast typical).So many things are the same but different dad says and he would appreciate it if somebody could explain the difference between a cot,a camping cot,a compact cot and a travel cot?!In the end momma concentrated on the vital things while dad went bananas in the toy section.More on that next week.

Seeberg View Point

If it seems like this weeks post was more about dad than the baby and the momma then you are right.He said he felt left out last time and so im catering to his imperturbable egoism(i used big words because he is too lazy to go check what that means)..and anyway by the time he reads the next sentence he will have forgotten i was making fun of him.The following video contains NSFW boobies…watch it now.


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