Is Baz the Alien is pregnant??!!

WTF!!!??? Last time we mentioned that he was having trouble with the human anatomy (here) but we weren’t that concerned (what with him being from another planet and all) and now suddenly we get sent evidence that he is possibly pregnant! Unbelievable i tell you.. 

We did some investigation and found out he went to Caprice and met a quite a determined looking fellow who may have impregnated him right then and there…in public!!!

10.08.2009 052

Baz certainly appears to be enjoying himself though.

And then only a week later Baz was seen showing this off .Is it possible..can it be Baz??..Is it just the angle or photoshop?You be the judge!!

baz the alien


What a legend..


~ by mcsavage on August 18, 2009.

One Response to “Is Baz the Alien is pregnant??!!”

  1. […] reported last week that Baz the Alien may be pregnant (here) and is this conclusive proof that he has given birth? He is holding what appears to be a baby( […]

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