200 Rand notes thrown out of vehicle in Camps Bay..

Ok so im sitting at Caprice(where else?) on Sunday (recovering from quite an epic Woodstock party on Saturday)enjoying my burger and two sports cars  with girls in bikini’s sitting on the seats drives past and throws what looks like fliers into the air.

17.08.2009 075

Nobody paid much attention until all hell broke loose when waiters,customers,car guards and some really mental bergies ran into the street scrambling to pick up what now appeared to be 200 Rand notes!! Girls in high heels broke nails and dodged traffic in what seemed to be the best promotion ever..


Sadly for them it was not to be when on closer inspection the notes turned out to be counterfeit..really convincing ones.Couple of questions later and i found out that a commercial was being filmed  and they were attempting to be all bling by throwing cash around.

Not very smart i recon since the notes were so good that im sure some businesses are gonna find some in their tills this week.And they will be mighty pissed off.The notes were printed on both sides with serial numbers and everything and with no indictation at all they were fake.Ive already fooled several people  with the note i have.


Its illegal to print fake money and throwing it into the street could get someone run over or even worse ,get their eyes gouged out by a angry ho in fake Gucci.Watch this space.


~ by mcsavage on August 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “200 Rand notes thrown out of vehicle in Camps Bay..”

  1. how did you get one????!!! 😛 did you have to kill someone or also throw urself on the road to get one!?=)

    • haha!! i was taking pictures when somebody said it was fake money.I tried to grab some but those crazy bitches nearly killed me!When they found out it was fake they gave me one!

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