Treadmill gangsta…

Ya well ..its Friday and Life is Savage knows that you need something to get your freak started and make this an epic weekend so im gonna help you out a little.Gangsta boy here is totally hardcore…look at him..bling,wide brim cap on backwards,getting his rap on…busting out the “N” word…totally gangster right? till his punani gets owned by a treadmill.. ..ahhhh yeah..good times..see not every one is cut out to be savage! it again…it will put you in a good mood and you will tell everyone how sweet i was that i made you laugh!


~ by mcsavage on August 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Treadmill gangsta…”

  1. hey!!!i have a complain to ur blog!
    how come you still dont have Ukraine on your visitors counter?=)

    • Just coz you are engaged now doesnt mean you are allowed to complain!!!!!!!!!!!!Ukraine is there on the visitors counter but it doesnt show because there are less than 64 people who have to tell your mom and crazy aunt to tell everyone they know to come visit!I wanna be famous in Ukraine!!!woop woop

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