Ban on taxi hooting in Sea Point…

Its about friggin time…. 

Sea Point main road is well known for the annoying hooting noise caused by taxi’s soliciting potential passengers.I’ve always wondered why they hoot/honk their horns several times when it is obvious that the person whose attention they are trying to get clearly doesn’t want to get in the taxi.They drive up and down main road and hoot at anything that resembles a person that may need a ride.This constant drone has pissed off Sea Point residents so much that they organised petitions,had meetings,protests and what not and now finally they are getting somewhere.

A “no-hooting” sign was placed at the beginning of Main Road(Glengariff) as well as at the end where the circle is.This new signage comes with a fine of 500 Rand if they hoot within this new zone.Nice…


 PS. I went to see if indeed it stopped the taxi’s from hooting and im happy to report that it has made f**k all difference.


~ by mcsavage on August 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Ban on taxi hooting in Sea Point…”

  1. How Cape town has changed, l used to live there in the 60s and the complaint then was the hawkers who sold snoek from horse carts and annoyed all with continuous honking with the small horn they used so efficiently. How l miss all the sounds of old Cape town, The fog-horn at Green point, the shunting trains in the docks one could hear for miles on a quiet day, The early morning prayers from the bo-kaap and the noon gun at signal hill.

  2. I hope that they ban taxi hooting in the Claremont/Newlands area as well! But taxis are not known for following the rules of the road. There need to be police men monitoring the situation, but I think that hooting taxis are last on their list of priorities.

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