Higher prices for foreigners..embarrassing!

So  the spring flower season along the West Coast of South Africa is on the go and i get sent this by a local who was taking a group of foreign friends to see the annual eruption of colour.They arrive at the entrance gate to the West Coast National Park and get ready to pay when the person at the gate asks where they are from.They proudly declare that they are from Europe and North America and are so excited to see the flowers.Much to their surprise and the South African guys embarrassment..the guard says that the entrance fee for the international guests are higher!! The driver had to back up and read the sign to make sure the guy wasnt joking..he took this pic:

west coast park

For real..international visitors have to pay more!Ok..Life is Savage is no expert at legal matters so we dont know if this is even within the law but WTF??It has to be some kind of discrimination or form of  racism or exploitation.The poor driver had to listen to the foreigners bitch and moan about how retarded and backward such a system was.Can you imagine the same rules applying at a bar or hotel…they came here to visit us and we go #%^& ’em?!!..its this kind of thing that gives us a bad rep..come now folks we are better that this..somebody get to the bottom of this and lets fix it..not cool.


~ by mcsavage on August 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Higher prices for foreigners..embarrassing!”

  1. This is how it works. The price for locals is a discounted rate to make it affordable to the locals. The rate could easily be the higher rate for everyone. Its nice that SANparks gives a cheaper rate for locals.

    I don’t see why the foreigners were bitching? Have you looked at the exchange rate recently? There is nothing to bitch about.

    You wanna know what sucks, living next door to the largest tourist attraction in the world and not being able to afford the entrance fee’s. It’s good to see SANparks is thinking of the locals. Rock on SANparks and wildcard.

    • It wasnt about the money he said..they were upset that they were being singled out.One of the tourists wondered if it was illegal and that such discrimination would never be tolerated in his country..Not sure about the legal side but i do understand his point.You mentioned that it was cheaper for them..what if you come from Zimbabwe or some country where the exchange rate is not in your favour?
      I understand your point about making it more affordable for locals..but the price hasn’t decreased..i was there last year and i think it was infact cheaper or the very least the same!?it only appears cheaper for locals since the price for internationals has gone up?

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