District 9: Peter Jackson(Lord of the Rings) makes new alien movie set in Johannesburg..

Finally something Jo’burg can brag about!! Lord of the Rings architect,Peter Jackson, teemed up with South African, Neill Blomkamp to create District 9, a documentary-style movie of aliens(not the Zimbabwe kind..the from-another-planet kind) known as “prawns” that are  kept segregated from humans in the ghettos of Johannesburg.

The aliens in this movie are not the “super-predator come to harvest us” kind though..they are instead chilled out and peaceful who arrive on earth in a busted sapceship,starving and skinny(picture Lindsay Lohan).Since they got no awesome alien powers and cant go back home the good peeps in Johannesburg do what they do with all aliens…stick them in a refugee camp …called District 9.Life in the camp becomes really shitty with poverty,violence,prostitution and drugs( aliens get high on cat food..true story!) …sounds like the camp is in Hillbrow..savage.

Check out the trailer…you get to see scenes of Joburg and the lead guy speaks with a full-on South African accent..woop woop.Nice 🙂

The movie is set for realease on August 14th.If you wanna check out the interactive website visit d-9.com or for a more indepth article  go to SCREENRANT..they got all the info.


~ by mcsavage on August 6, 2009.

7 Responses to “District 9: Peter Jackson(Lord of the Rings) makes new alien movie set in Johannesburg..”

  1. This is the best review ive ever seen!… You really make me wanna watch the movie…

  2. looks like a fun movie

  3. Thanks for the video. It’s not the same Peter Jackson as Lord of the Rings.

  4. glad you enjoyed the review…thats what Life is Savage is all about! Just to clarify about Nick’s comment: i got the info from wikipedia(district 9) and they say Peter Jackson is the producer and when you click on his name it takes you to his wiki page ..where it lists his involvement in the lord of the rings trilogy..

  5. Greetings from Vancouver – we posted some interviews with Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp discussing how they made the film based on Alive in Joburg. Here are a couple of links to learn more about this SA/Canadian director.



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