PUMA motorbike..SICK!!

How savage is this #$%^&* thing!!

 I dont care thats its a concept bike and i dont care that i cant ride a motorcycle…i so want the PUMA motorcycle..

A dude that goes by the name of Karl Saunders won the 2009 award for Best CAD model at Coventry University for coming up with the design.Apart from the PUMA logo he incorporated many of the brand’s trademarks like the tire tread being the same pattern the soles of Puma shoes while the grill utilises Puma’s cell range.The bike will probably never get to production but i bet if we stage a mass protest and beg the boys at PUMA then maybe..just maybe ..i can one day park my bike outside Caprice and truly say..my Life is Savage.

pure boner-material

pure boner-material

and if thats not enough to get your rocks off then get a load of this…


~ by mcsavage on August 5, 2009.

One Response to “PUMA motorbike..SICK!!”

  1. […] they sort their sh*t out soon so i can take my  imaginary PUMA motorcycle( HERE) that i cant even ride , for a spin down Chappies…then ill let you have a go..coz Life is […]

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