Brits are at it again..surfboards are ships..say what!!

Life is Savage had to laugh the last time we posted how silly the poms were when they started selling anti-stab knives and wanted to ban playing football in the playground(story here).

Now new legislation could redefine surfboards as ships!

According to the Department of Transport :“bodyboards (small surfboards), boogie boards, canoes, kitesurfing boards, sailboards, skimboards, windsurfing boards, dinghies and small hovercraft”, would be classified as ships under section 112 of the Railways and Transport Safety Act.The new laws are the result of a jetskier who severly injured somebody and got 6 months in jail  but got off because of the loophole that says jetski’s are not ships.

This essentially means that surfers could face drug tests,breatherlysers etc and if found guilty of causing an accident under the influence they could be fined up to $50 000…say what!! or face 2 years being a prison bitch.

..not allowed

..not allowed


~ by mcsavage on August 5, 2009.

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