“PINK” robbers get away!

Mark this one down in the dumbest criminals category. In Port Elizabeth(South Africa) yesterday 2 robbers who jumped a Group 4 security guard collecting money from a food joint.The robbers grabbed two cash boxes but dropped one of them and fled in a Nissan Sentra( old school..they got style).

The vehicle was found around the corner though with pink smoke streaming out of the windows.Apparently the cash box has a built in security device that when incorrectly opened ,explodes and releases a pink dye..which cannot be cleaned off for months! Haaahahahhahahahahaha.. and get this..the box had no cash in it..just slips!!! Bwaaahahahahahaha.. they got all pinkified for nothing. Police are now searching for two really pink guys…come now..how the hell did nobody see them get away.Is there a reward?

If i were them i’d make a beeline for De Waterkant area in Cape Town..they would never be found…and they could party up a storm 🙂

pink robbers

"woop woop"


~ by mcsavage on August 4, 2009.

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