Did you boycott Megan Fox today??

Not anymore if you looking at this post(schneaky huh!)….Some silly people said earlier in the week that because of the Megan Fox overexposure they would nominate August 4th a blackout day(HERE) against any images or news of the star.Life is Savage said that we sympathise with all you boycotters( read chocholate starfish lovers) but will not be partaking in the boycott for the simple reason that is unfair to Miss Fox..did someone ask if it was ok?..did you wonder how it may make her feel?We do not tolerate discrimination here ..even if Foxy is the dumbest person in Hollywood…we respect how today might make her feel.

Just look what it did..my secret source said she was so upset that she took a cold shower,in the most painfully tight bikini she could find..nearly pulling it off in sadness…all because you thought she was overexposed…you should be ashamed..

megan fox


~ by mcsavage on August 4, 2009.

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