Davidoff Coolest Couple,Chad & Lera, get engaged!

Life is Savage appealed to all you good folk to vote for Chad & Lera(story here) in the Cosmopolitan Davidoff Cool Waters Coolest Couple competion..you did…they won..nice work.A luxury trip to Egypy was the prize and i told you i’d let you know how it went.While they were gone this surfaced on the Cosmopolitan website:


Needless to say we were in disbelief….no way i said..they are spicing things up over at Cosmo.Chad is my best friend he woulda told me!!Following day i get an sms from Chad saying what up but nothing of the engagement…using my superpowers of persuasion i eventually get confirmation that the news is indeed genuine and Chad and Lera are indeed engaged.How awesome is that!! But that is not all peeps..Life is Savage would never just bring you heresay..we like getting it straight from the horses mouth..in this case a Sports Illustrated swimwear model!!This is what Lera had to say about the proposal.She told me the entire story but i picked the best bit for you guys :

“And then Chad made his move and said that he has a present for me!he lifted the  flowers up and under table cloth there was a box.In my mind I was like:’Oh well,calm down woman,ur man might be just giving u lovely earrings as a present,box doesn’t mean its defenately ring!’He opened it,and there it was,the beautiful,sparkling,just perfect ring.:)I was still concerned:’Oh well,may be its just a ring,how do u know if this is what a proposal ring looks like’ 😛 (I know I am an idiot)And then he said he would like to spend the rest of his life with me,went on one knee and with tears in his eyes asked if I would marry him.
I thought:’wow,this is really happening,there’s no more doubts.:)and I said DA-yes in Russian.:) ”

Shit..if you are not teary eyed then you have no soul..beautiful i tell you.She made me laugh too when she had this to say:

“Chad chose what we were eating that night and I felt horrible cause I just couldn’t eat,was so nervous-excited-surprised-shocked.only managed to have glass of wine,after which I got tipsy and gave Chad the idiotic advice that if he ever goes through all this again he should propose after dinner so at least a girl can eat properly before!:P”

Amazing..what a fairytale story…the ideal way to start your week(if you voted for them then you can be proud and  say i was a part of that union!)..get inspired people..go on..dont be shy…make some happyness  🙂


Sorry boys..Lera is officially off the market.


Sorry boys..Chad too!!



~ by mcsavage on August 3, 2009.

One Response to “Davidoff Coolest Couple,Chad & Lera, get engaged!”

  1. Congrats Lera – I haven’t seen you yet.
    I look forward to the bachelors – Its payback time biaaatch!!!

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