Boycott Megan Fox Day…4th August..whatever..

A handful of websites geared towards men have declared August 4th a Megan Fox blackout day.Sites like Ask Men , Just A Guy Thing and  have stated that there is a media overload of Fox and her over-exposure is unhealthy to teenage boys around the world(ok that last part i made up).

The websites are planning a day where no photo’s,news or videos will be posted at all….hahahahaha..good luck suckeeerrsss..its pretty obvious that the plan is gonna backfire and that come 4th August, Megan and her fox are gonna be plastered all over internetsville.

Here at Life is Savage we will sympathise with all you boycotters  but unfortunately we wont be hiding in a foxhole ( yes ..i know..think it..own it) on that day and let all you boycott peeps celebrate your day which i’ve renamed just for you: “i like ballbags and im tired of seeing this ho” 🙂

meg fox


~ by mcsavage on July 31, 2009.

One Response to “Boycott Megan Fox Day…4th August..whatever..”

  1. […] the week that because of the Megan Fox overexposure they would nominate August 4th a blackout day(HERE) against any images or news of the star.Life is Savage said that we sympathise with all you […]

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