Sunbeds WILL cause cancer..”no doubt” experts reveal.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has reclassified ultraviolet radiation from sunbeds,tan cans and the like  as carcinogenic to humans..that puts it in the same category as arsenic and mustard gas.FOR REAL folks!Think twice when you decide your pale ass needs some sunbed loving.The IARC yesterday revealed that studies have concluded that the sunbed is no longer just a probable cause of cancer but a definate one..the highest category type..which also includes tobacco and asbestos.

The study also said that using a tanning bed before the age of 30 resulted in a 75 % increase in the risk of developing skin cancer.The new classification data can be found online at the Lancet of Oncology’s site under the heading “A review of human carcinogens-part D :Radiation“..there’s a table and the UV emitting devices are the last one which causes skin and eye melanoma.This guy is so not gonna be a happy chappy when he hears the news 🙂


Eina...but you deserve being called a dumbass..rooster on your tummy is not cool Joe.


~ by mcsavage on July 30, 2009.

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