German brothels raided for all-you-can-sex promotion!

Following the all-you-can-eat tradition,German brothels have angered authorities for offering a flat-rate to clients.The economic crisis last year crippled many industries and the oldest profession in existence has also taken a hammering(pun intended!),having seen a drop of nearly 30 % in turnover.Several “establishments” have come up with novel ideas including discounts to garbage men and taxi drivers,free food,laundry service while you wait and even discounts if you pitched up on a bicycle(eco-friendly and what-not), but the Berlin Pussy Bar(not very original but gets the point across) took things a little too far(there’s always one isn’t there?) by offering a flat rate,during off-peak hours,of 70 Euros for sex with as many of the brothels girls as you wanted.Police raided the establishment as well as 4 others who offered a similar deal.Full article here.

german brothels

Gotta love ze Germans…”Vorsprung durch Technik”..(not sure if thats applicable but it sounds sweet!)..thanks for coming[sorry i couldnt resist] 🙂


~ by mcsavage on July 29, 2009.

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