Google Maps Real Estate angers real estate sites:

In its quest for world domination Google has pissed off Australian real estate site who says they are directly competing with what it offers…i wonder if the same will happen elsewhere?Google maps Real Estate is essentially an aggregator that displays listings via its map service.The service is free to all real estate representatives, including independent agents and individual landlords.In Australia,News Ltd and the Fairfax Group have  threatened to withdraw their advertising from Google as they feel that Google is directly competing with them.Both these sites and many around the globe charge real estate agents for the listings..essentially acting as the middleman while Google simply offers an easier way to locally search for property..and its long as its listed for sale elsewhere on the web.Here is the South African example when you go to Google Maps Real Estate and click on Cape Town.

google maps real estate

You can see that is not nearly as advanced as the rest of the world but i see the just type in where and what you want to buy and boom…a map pops up with all available listings that have those criteria.Its free and this is why the ozzie real estate sites are not happy.Ultimately Google is directing potential buyers straight to the sellers.I recon its a good thing..making life easy and less complicated.The flipside of the coin is neatly summed up by Simon Baker ,an online classifieds expert :

“Google is moving from being a search engine to a portal,” he said. “Instead of sending you to other websites – which have paid money to be there on its listings – it is now serving up the end data itself. That then raises the question: why would you need to go to the other sites and why would they then pay Google money [for search key words]. Google has opened up a Pandora’s box of questions.”


~ by mcsavage on July 28, 2009.

One Response to “Google Maps Real Estate angers real estate sites:”

  1. Hooray for google. As an independant real estate agent we are tired of being held to ransom and the rate of subscription rising as the print media advertising declines. If you are independent to the Franchise groups & charge you nearly double the subscription. You may work on your own but you are charged double the amount to a franchise office which may have 20 or more sales staff. There is no level playing field, just try to squeeze out the individual. Go google, you have my full support and most Agent’s support in the industry. About time competition was brought into the market place.

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