Woman arrested for allowing her 14 year old to reach 250 kilos!

Ok ..its about friggin time somebody takes the blame for this.Jerri Gray has been arrested and will be charged with child abuse for allowing 14 year old Alexander Draper to balloon to 555 pounds(thank goodness it wasnt 666pounds) or 251 kilograms.The case is at the centre of legal issues in California and will determine whether child obesity is considered child abuse.The issue surrounding Draper and Gray is whether her actions or lack thereof caused him to gain so much weight.Get this..her lawyers claim she worked nights so she couldn’t provided him with nutritious meals..ya right woman!!Her lawyers are also blaming his school for allowing him to eat unhealthy foods..typical blame everyone else except yourself.Its pretty hard not to notice that a kid is getting obese let alone 250 kilo’s..why the #$%^ didnt she try get help for him earlier?

555 pounds

On the flip side this case is under the spotlight since if Gray is found guilty then there are some serious implications as highlighted in this exceptionally written article by Selwyn Duke:

“The mistake people make is that they assess these matters divorced from the larger implications. The real issue doesn’t concern just targeting parents of the portly; it’s an issue of lowering the threshold for government intrusion into the family to a point where it can target parents of the portly. Once that is accomplished, everything above that threshold is also fair game. Thus, before supporting social services in the Gray case, it behooves us to figure out what that “everything” is.

You should also realize that while you may figure it out, you won’t be decreeing what that “everything” is. And do you really trust the bureaucrats who will be making these judgments? Remember that we live in a topsy-turvy, through-the-looking-glass world today. Customary spanking may be considered abuse, while putting your child on psychogenic drugs is thought treatment.

For the entire article by Selwyn Duke :“Mom arrested for having fat son”..(go read it and educate yourself on the issue)..there..my good deed done for the day..making the world a smarter place 🙂


~ by mcsavage on July 24, 2009.

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