Finally South Africa gets decent high speed internet

Its about time dammit..we have been living in the proverbial dark ages of internet connection speeds but hopefully all that is soon to change as Seacom  commercially launches its fibre optic cable in South Africa today.A 17,000 kilometer cable will link us to Europe and Asia( as well as African countries) and will be capable of offering broadband speeds up to 1.28 terabits per second and offer a 40 % reduction in internet costs…ya well..what does that mean you may be asking?How many times do you open youtube, find a great video, click play then immediately click pause and wait for the red bar to finish loading  before you watch the video? Sound familiar?Or are you one of those people who doesnt click the pause button and watch the video stall every few seconds and that spinny thingy go round and round in the centre(yes you dumb ass)??If you are then slap yourself ,coz those days are hopefully gone my retarded  friend..With Seacom’s new cable ,videos will load and play in no time flat…porn users more videos stalling at awkard moments while your hand is busy :)..ya..#$%^ you TELKOM.


Click the image to see what Seacom is all about..


~ by mcsavage on July 24, 2009.

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