South Korean’s fight in parliament..again![video]

We all know what a dodge character Kim Jong II is, he would make the perfect Bond villain,small,crazy hair,platform shoes and paranoid.He is the predominant reason the world doesn’t dig North Korea and why everyone says South Korea is so much more civilised..ya whatever..check this out…South Koreans going ape in parliament showing they too can handle business.There is throwing,beatings,ganging up..damn even the women get in on the action..biting,scratching,angry face making…..all this because of a bill that regulates media ownership of network television..this is how they sort government business..nice..but where’s the Tai Kwon Do?lol the guy at the 30 second marker is classic..he does a martial arts move called the “i-sclatch-your-eye-out-beetch” 🙂


~ by mcsavage on July 23, 2009.

One Response to “South Korean’s fight in parliament..again![video]”

  1. lol @ men cat fighting ….

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