The Baby Chronicles: 26 weeks 5 days..

Momma takes the plane tomorrow night and arrives back in Cape Town on Thursday evening.Her trip to Canada went by so quickly and Dad is really

"goodbye Canada..gonna miss you"

"goodbye Canada..gonna miss you"

happy that he gets to see her +1 again.Some baby momma drama unfolding though since the momma is really sad that she has to say goodbye to her own mom.Having your family in another country is one thing but having a baby while your family is so far away is not easy…what with emotions running high and everyone missing her more than normal.Not to worry though, since grandma( i wonder if i can say that? never really thought about it till now!) is coming to visit at the end of the year.Gonna be interesting ,but Dad is looking forward to the extra pair of hands!Im getting way ahead of myself though since little Dylan hasn’t even popped his head out yet…but get this..he is already a ladies man(Dad says..yes please!)..he recieved a beautiful post card from Tahiti from  Zosia who’s parents are on holiday there(mom and dad say thanks D&K..we miss you) ….


Due date is around 21 October but as i said in last weeks post..that depends entirely on whether mom decides on a c-section.If she does opt for a scheduled caesarean then Dylan will be saying wassup to everyone one to two weeks earlier(so anywhere from the 7th October onwards).The jury is still out though and im still getting varied responses although natural child birth is in the lead.Other moms have been quick to point out that if momma is afraid of the pain then she can still have an epidural and the recovery time will be alot quicker.There is also the whole spiritual feminine vibe about women being designed for the challenge of natural birth and when the time comes the body will step up.One of the bonuses everyone mentions is that having the baby naturally allows momma to see the baby immediately.There are several horror stories of the major surgery required by c-section going wrong and the mom having pain for months etc but last month a friend had a c-section on a Thursday and was walking with her new baby 2 days problems.Nice!Another reply i recieved had this to say:

 “i will personally always advocate natural as i had the most AMAZING natural birth experience (and the vajajay is just fine by the way!!!!!!!!).A lot of it is in the mind though as the pain is just the contractions, not the actual pushing the baby out! Thats the easiest part! OMG there is nothing quite like it – a million times better than ‘quick & predictable’…”..nice..thanks S.

Havn’t got much to show you in terms of pictures though but momma is back soon so in the mean time take a look at this ..sent to me by momma style!

pregnant mom comp

Please write your opinions in the comments section here..your input is greatly appreciated from both mom and dad.Dont be dont even have to use your real name.


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  1. I’ve always been of the thinking that what grows in the belly must come out of the belly and ‘vajayjays’, to me, are there for, um, more pleasurable purposes….that being said, however, if I were to go for round 3, I’d probably opt for a V-BAC ( vaginal birth after caesarian ), purely to be able to say and know that I had had the experience. To clarify though, I held both my babies IMMEDIATELY after my C-sections….. The horror stories I’ve heard are of women that have opted for natural birth and then had to have emergency caesarians as they did not dilate or the baby was breech – an emergency caesar requires a general anesthetic which means you, as the Mom, are the last person to welcome YOUR baby into the world 😦 Not cool !!!!
    My ‘vajayjay’ is very happy with the decision that I made to have 2 elective caesars :)…recovery time was super quick and the scar minimal – an episiotomy scar is a scar that I’d least like to have and most doctors these days do one as a matter of course and in order to prevent tearing….OUCHIE !!!!!!

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