What do Oprah,Donald Trump and Bill Gates want in Cape Town?

Well apparently they were rumoured to be interested in buying the Sentinel Mountain Peak in Hout Bay,Cape Town.The 320 metre high peak was to be auctioned yesterday but the proceedings were interrupted by a 100 or so protesters who claim the mountain belongs to the indigenous people.Police had to fire rubber bullets to disperse the crowd which included  King Khoebaha( say it slowly ..its funny!)-Cornelius,Head of the Royal House of the Khoi-San.Some Rastas (do they count as indigenous?)were also in on the action and they said they often go up the peak to get medicine!!..ya right..yes medicine..sure!! This is what all the fuss is all about..


The mountain was bought in 2005 for the bargain price of 60k Rand ( +-$8000) and  bidding started at 10 million Rand.A successful bid comes with naming rights as well…Mount Oprah? awesome 🙂

~ by mcsavage on July 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “What do Oprah,Donald Trump and Bill Gates want in Cape Town?”

  1. The parks board (whichever one manages Table Mountain) has offered R500,000 to incorporate it into the Table Mountain National Park.

  2. There’s something in me that really does not like the idea of this mountain becoming private property.

    Especially the property of a super-rich international mega personality, who will probably not allow access around the coastline?

    I for one would love to see it become part of the TMNP and be conserved for all the people of SA to enjoy forever.

  3. They are looking for a place to survive 2012. i bet!

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