Obama throws like a girl..

President Obama became the first US leader in a long time to throw the first pitch at the 2009 All Star Baseball Game in St. Louis.Nobody expected him to throw a 100mph fast ball but B.O(dont you dare call me racist!) didn’t exactly give it gas..in fact he rather calmly did a little shuffle on the mound before throwing like a girl with his left hand..yes..he’s a lefty..and he was wearing a “white” sox jersey??(ooohhhh.. political commentator and conspiracy theorist instant-boner-material).Thank goodness it made it all the way to the catcher(sports betting site Bodog was giving -400 for a caught in air pitch and +300 for a bounce or dropped catch) otherwise the media would’ve had a field day…anyway heres the clip..


~ by mcsavage on July 15, 2009.

5 Responses to “Obama throws like a girl..”

  1. dude. he throws like a girl!
    and what is up with those highwater jeans??
    we are so f’d!

  2. whats the problem dude,so what if he had highwater jeans??At least he’s real maaan!!!!

  3. im english.

    i can only imagine what our prime minister would do if he had to take a penalty kick at a football match.

    it would be a ‘daisy cutter’ and just dribble towards the goal.

    Your prez is like having david bowie in charge compared to our shower of sh*t!

    Have to say tho,i agrree with the reply about the jeans.
    Sorry guys,even by american standards that was bad!!

    all the best
    tony b / London

  4. That was not a bad throw

  5. why complain about his jeans,i envy the guy. i think he has big nuts and tight jeans will not fit.

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