Arturo “Thunder” Gatti dies..wife suspected

The pugilist is me was saddened this past week when i heard the news that Arturo “Thunder ” Gatti had died.Those of you who follow boxing will know that he was one of those boxers you would hate to fight.The harder you hit him and the more you hurt him the more he got up and fought back.If you ask boxers who they thought was the toughest guy to fight..Gatti’s name would always come up.The circumstances of his death are dodgy to say the least, with his wife(Amanda Rodrigues) being accused of  strangling  him with her purse straps( heard correctly) while he was passed out drunk.Ironic hey..tough as nails boxer gets the big KO from his wife.Whenever somebody asks me which fight i think is the best fight ever i always mention this couldnt find a more inspirational round of me goose bumps everytime i watch it.RIP Arturo Gatti.


~ by mcsavage on July 15, 2009.

One Response to “Arturo “Thunder” Gatti dies..wife suspected”

  1. It’s sad but true Alcoholism kills. Bobby Gee

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