Baz the Alien, at it again..

Been a while since i brought you any news of the alien that emerged from the landing on Camps Bay beach( Alien in Camps Bay).He was last seen trying really hard to blend in at Caprice and now someone has sent me this sighting of the alien whom we have named Baz.It seems that Baz was yet again trying to blend in, only this time he busted out some Saturday Night Fever dance moves and took over the body of Michael Mol(the Top Billing presenter).

Baz The Alien

When approached and asked why he landed on Camps Bay beach,Baz grabbed me by the hand and led me onto the beach and told me to look toward Table Mountain.


He asked me what i could see..and of course i replied: “Table Mountain and the cable station  Baz???”Then he went on about the Pyramids and Machu Pichu and alien landings..when he realised i was still not following he grabbed me by the head and turn it sideways and asked me again what i could see?Holy @#$%! ,the face in the all makes sense now 🙂



~ by mcsavage on July 14, 2009.

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