From Bravo to Bravado..

Many of my Cape Town readers will know who Brett Saunders is..its not easy Bravadoto ignore someone who talks so much,dresses funny( who can ever forget the nuns outfit!),has Jaegermeister running through his veins and is dating a tomb raider..but if you dont know him then i suggest you go meet the guy.He used to be found at a place called Bravo but as fate would have it he has established a new vibe in Green Point called Bravado( go figure).I went there yesterday for a spot of lunch and damn it was great.The bravadodecor has a meditterranean( spelling please?) feel..lots of outside tables nicely spaced out with protection from the wind(if the need arises) and plants scattered inbetween.Inside is slightly more rustic with a great bar and wooden framed pictures lining the walls.The photos are a gem..friends and staff dressed in mafia gear old school style.At my lunch it was recommended(more like ordered!) that i try the Devils on Horseback starter : button bravadomushrooms stuffed with garlic snails topped with crisby bacon and mozzarella (wow) followed by Summer Salad : mixed greens,pepperdews,chicken breast strips,avo,goats feta,roasted almonds ,drizzeled with a pesto sweet chilli sauce( and for dessert..well all i can say is it involves a caramel base with banana and creme fraiche…but you need to go try that puppy out yourselves..insane.

Brett and his sidekick..Mr Jaeger!

Brett and his sidekick..Mr Jaeger!



Greg "top gear" Miller post-lunch..typical Bravado behaviour!

 Bravado is located No 1 Portside Mall,Green Point,Cape Town,South Africa.Phone  +2721 433 1496


~ by mcsavage on July 8, 2009.

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