Springboks Vs Lions : Morne Steyn’s magic kick @ Caprice

South Africa clinched the series against the British and Irish Lions last Saturday in heartstopping last minute drama..and the tension was nicely captured on video as it happened live at my local..any guesses where in the world that could be 🙂

The following Wednesday i was back there and in for a surprise.Apparently a group of Lions supporters were told to go there because of its reputation for the considerable and welcoming talent on offer.Looks like we not only gouged their eyes out in the rugby but kicked them in the balls as well…only one lady pitched up..so sad..


Just in case you have never been there ,dont get any ideas that Caprice is one giant sausage fest..this is more like the usual.. nice 🙂



~ by mcsavage on July 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Springboks Vs Lions : Morne Steyn’s magic kick @ Caprice”

  1. Damn, I miss the good old days in my living room! I hope you didn’t leave a mess. My maid, David, is very sensitive, 🙂

  2. How come I am 3 seconds ahead of everyone else in the room in celebrating the kick going over? Must be the new contact lenses or…… ye of little faith……

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