Obama removes troops from Iraq..sends them to Afghanistan!?

Today is the deadline day(June 30) that US troops must withdraw from all cities and major towns in Iraq.As promised President Obama(not technically since it was orchestrated during the Bush era at Iraq’s insistence) did not just talk about it..he is actually doing something about it.All is not what it seems though and if i had a son/daughter in combat i wouldn’t be jumping for joy just yet because instead of coming home they are more likely on their  way for another tour of duty in Afghanistan.Iraqi’s will be happy (they have even declared today “National Sovereignty Day”) that the troops have left ,but fearful that they are not ready to deal with the absence of the Americans.Violence will no doubt escalate as the internal power struggle begins (especially since the oil companies are now moving in) ,with the worst possible scenario resulting in it reverting back to the original sectarian conflict.Not all troops will be withdrawing ,”support troops” will remain (probably thousands) that will be easy targets.

Im no military analyst or an expert on US policy but it seems to me that all Obama is accomplishing is quietly changing the battlefront by removing the troops in Iraq yet marching them to Afghanistan..why? What is the point..what are they gonna do there? Same shit..different country.

I vowed to never make my blog too serious so just incase you think i cant make you smile anymore i found these:

First order of duty: get McDonalds up and running!

First order of duty: get McDonalds up and running!

"Just one more before i leave for Afghanistan?"

"Just one more before i leave for Afghanistan?"

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~ by mcsavage on June 30, 2009.

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