Chad & Lera Cosmopolitan competition..lets send them to Egypt people.

Chad and Lera have been entered into the Davidoff  Cool Water Coolest Couple and they are one of eight couples.The winning couple goes on a week vacation to the five-star Palace Port Ghaalib Resort in Egypt.

No pressure here folks..lets get this gorgeous couple to Egypt.. i have no idea who the other couples are but it really shouldnt make a difference since you’ll be voting for Chad and Lera 🙂 They are an amazing couple and havnt seen each other in a while due to work commitments( she is currently shooting a bikini magazine on some exotic island) and it would be really cool if we can get them a holiday together..if anything lets get Chad some action people..he has also promised everyone who voted for them a gift from egypt..a grain of sand or some dried camel poo i think 🙂

Look at them..what hotness..what style..what must vote for them..


photo credit: Gavin Kleinschmidt

Here’s how:

sms this : COSMO Davidoff 7, your name and surname to 34776

2 rand per sms and you can sms as many times as you like before July 8th.You also stand to win one of 10 Davidoff packages worth R1 000.


~ by mcsavage on June 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Chad & Lera Cosmopolitan competition..lets send them to Egypt people.”

  1. I definitely need to know who the other couples are… what if i can win a trip to Egypt?

  2. […] is Savage cant get things done.A while back i posted an article asking my readers to please ”Vote for Chad & Lera” and clearly you did….it didnt even matter who else was didnt […]

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