23 weeks 4 days..The Baby Chronicles

My apologies for not updating the baby chronicles earlier but ive been waiting for the baby momma to send me pictures from their adventures in mcpaintingCanada.No major baby momma drama to talk about really and the mom has informed me that everything is going smoothly..she cant wait to come back to Cape Town and neither can the dad who has been really bored but thankful that there is so much sport on TV.Mom and dad speak everyday and she holds the phone to her tummy so the little guy doesnt forget what his dad sounds like(all together now..ahhhhhhhh).They did have one small hiccup when mom called during the last 10 min of the semi-final soccer match between SA and Spain..a typical men-are-from-mars/woman-from-venus argument where dad couldnt understand why she couldnt call him back  in 15 min and mom said( in an end-of-the-world kinda way) she was sorry that she ruined his life and that soccer was more important than the baby!Hahahaha..gotta love those conversations:)

Mom is having a ball in Canada especially since everyone is paying so much attention to her well being.One of her best friends(Maha) is also pregnant so they have lots to talk about!She also told me yesterday that her friend Eric Eric used surgical plaster to make the mouldmade a mould of her tummy from which he is gonna create a cast ..will keep you updated on that..should be cool.Momma says the baby is kicking like a mule and she is starting to learn his sleep and awake patterns.Mom is sleeping better but wakes up even earlier because the sun rises before 5am.According to the text books the baby is around the 1 pound(about half a kilo) mark and his length is 28 cm from head to toe.Mom is weighing in at a hefty 151.5 pounds or 69 kg and she is experiencing less shoulder pain but itchy skin(im told its the stretching)..especially around the tah tahs..which are  now apparently in monsterous condition..she definately needs the Kush support i spoke about in a previous post!


A new concern has however arisen and it seems like there are so many differing opinions.Many people have asked whether she wants to have a natural child birth or a caesarean section( you can chose in South Africa and can only have one if its an emergency in Canada).Momma hates pain and needles and the thought of being in labour for an extended period frightens the hell out her, as well as the fact that some natural births reportedly result in your vajajay and lady bits looking like they’ve  been beaten with a tenderizer..not a pretty thought at at all mom says!!On the other hand they have heard some not so nice stories about c-sections too ..that you are left with a scar and cant walk for weeks but at least its predictable and quick.Both versions have their apparent pros and cons and the jury is still out on this one.Dad is indifferent since he will go along with whatever the momma wants(he did tell me he prefers the quick option though since the smell of hospitals creeps him out a little) .Mom has asked me to please appeal to my readers for any advice or comments and suggestions..come ladies..just click on the comment section and lets hear it?

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~ by mcsavage on June 29, 2009.

One Response to “23 weeks 4 days..The Baby Chronicles”

  1. Same thing freaks me out tooo…..putting them in is onething, taking them out, totally different story!
    A guy I know said that his wife who is extremely sporty, went out jogging, went into labour, baby popped out an hour and half later in hospital. All bits intact. Clean and much less painful?? Food for thought. Tough one though.

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