& Union..the beer salon and charcuterie

The gents at “& Union”  have decided to school us Capetonians in the art of beer drinking and & Unionmake it trendy again.Gone are the days of someone shouting Buffalo and you having to down a Amstel or Windhoek…this place is class..you will not be downing anything here(maybe just Loyd!).Its located on Bree Street, number 110 to be exact( +27 21 422 277)..right on Heritage Square…( below where Saints used to be if you can remember).They specialise in selling artisinal beers..micro-brewery stuff..the stuff  they take care in producing..the expensive stuff!Brewers and Union beer is the ideal one to start with..but ask the staff there..they know their booze and will educate you as to the proper & Unionway to pour it,how much head you need(not what you thinking you filthy animal) and which foods are best to accompany your beverage.This brings me to the food on offer..its essentially a Charcuterie..if you dont know what that is just click on the wiki link HERE you uncultured beast. A selection of sliced meats,gemsbok or tuna carpaccio,cheeses,Knead bread will be brought to you on a wooden board..nice.All local and organic as well.Its the atmosphere though that will bring  folks here in droves during summer i predict.There is no seating inside but plenty of tables outside..and both times ive been there they had live music ..Farryl Purkiss no less.. (if you wanna check him out visit Taxi Jam ).Good peeps,top music,great atmophere,wicked food and great beer..expensive..but hey..who said quality was cheap.

Farrell Purkiss& Union


~ by mcsavage on June 23, 2009.

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