South Africa now have Big 7 game..

It is globally known that South Africa is home to the Big Five game that includes the  lion, the African Elephant, the Cape Buffalo, the Leopard and the rhinoceros.Now it appears that visitors to South Africa will soon have two new additions to their checklist of must-see game.The newcomers are the ocean dwellers the WHALE and our apex ocean predator the SHARK.

Who the hell decided that?! It is blatant zoological discrimination!!!..of epic proportions..what about the Cheetah, the Hippo, Giraffes etc.. all the big animals for that matter.It is solely based on tourism..we are exploiting the 7  under the guise of trying to protect them and neglecting the rest.Why dont they scrap the whole Big 5/7 thing and tell tourists to come see all our friggin animals..we have loads..awesome ones..promote all of them i George Orwell once wrote:”all animals are created equal”.

Little known fact of the day: the original  Big 5 were not chosen because of their size but for the difficulty in hunting them.It refers to the difficulty in bagging these large animals, mostly due to their ferocity when cornered and shot at.Nice that we still use such an archaic hunting points system to refer to such amazing animals…stop $%^*$# with nature dammit.




~ by mcsavage on June 23, 2009.

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