Jordan rubs it in..X’s ex with tattoo..

Slapper on a rampage,Jordan,just cant let poor Pete  mourn in peace following their breakup.Its like a car cant help but look at what this woman is up to.Jordan (Katie Price ) is currently still going ape poo in Ibiza and recently emerged from a tattoo palour with a bandage around her wrist that apparently shows a really crappy “X” covering the Pete tattoo she has there.She is making sure Pete knows how she feels by wearing as little as possible and surrounding herself with numerous douche bags till the early hours of the morning.On top of that she has been abusing the catepillars on her eye lids forcing them to stay awake and witness all of this.. and lets not even mention the torture she has been subjecting her puppies and beaver to..they cant breath in that fugly gold thing woman…someone should let PETA know.



~ by mcsavage on June 23, 2009.

One Response to “Jordan rubs it in..X’s ex with tattoo..”

  1. […] we threatened to call PETA  last time for suffocating her puppies in that fugly gold thing(click here for that gem of an outfit).Well it seems she got nervous and was worried they might die and fall off so she took our advice […]

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