Perez Hilton gets Black Eye from Pea’s..fake or genuine?

That headline is just way to good to be legit.Blogging queen Perez Hilton is all over the entertainment news because he claims he was punched by Black Eyed Peas tour manager Polo Molina.This apparently occured because Perez ( real name Mario Lavandeira) called called a “faggot” at the Cobra nightclub in Toronto.Perez allegedly used Twitter to write a message at 4am the night of the incident and said the following: “”I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke.”

The have been charges of assault filed which does give it a slight hint of authenticity but my gut is saying that this is a crock of shyte..come now..its like a play book on how to maximise media attention using every demographic possible..rock up at fancy nightclub with Lady Gaga(celeb watchers-check), be a white guy and pick a fight with a black dude(race groups-check) by calling him a faggot(rainbow peeps-check and anti-gay groups-check) then broadcast it on Twitter( geeks,journalists and possibly half the planet-check).The only thing he left out was to wear a fur coat and smoke weed after he got owned…. if the story is indeed true then he got what he had coming..who the hell does he think he is….it doesnt even look like he got punched..just that he has no make up on..douche bag..

Canada Perez Hilton Punched


~ by mcsavage on June 22, 2009.

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