Iran : Problem – Reaction – Solution?

As many of my close friends will know, im more than just a tad intrigued by the ubiquitous conspiracy theories that emerge at the slightest hint of political unrest or bureaucratic injustice.Ive never said i believe wholeheartedly that the planet is being manipulated by a handful of all powerful people who are establishing a new world order..but ive never renounced the idea either.With a predictable track record so obvious i cant help but feel that the elections in Iran are following the exact same playbook: create a problem,manipulate the reaction and then provide the solution.How do you create the problem..easy ..publically back the opposition candidate,”market” him to the people as a saviour that will liberate them from the bad guy,then make him lose the election and blame it on a fraudulent election and voter intimidation or rigging.What do you get..the reaction..angry protesters crying,burning cars,killing people,looting and baying for blood..all neatly filmed for those “breaking news” segments so loved by the major news channels.Predictably the people are no longer angry with the West(yes you know who i’m talking about) and instead are fighting with each other.Chaves,Mugabe and now Ahmadinejad ..same shit different country.


Im watching the news as i write this and apparently a recount is being proposed as well as a call to rerun the entire election.According to the the official Iranian news agency a pro-Ahmadinejad rally would be held at 3 p.m. local time(today Tuesday 16th June) at Vali Asr Square, the same site where a pro-Mousavi rally is set for two hours later…ha.. somehow i doubt that there will be lots of hugging  and singing of Kumbaya.. watch this space.


~ by mcsavage on June 16, 2009.

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