You’re sooo lucky…must’ve pooped your pants though.

On our way home the other day we happened to catch this poor car perched rather strangely on the barriers.Its on Eastern Boulevard coming into Cape Town..those of you who use the road regularly will know the very last bend before you hit the foreshore area is a long and pretty tight one especially if you are speeding .The driver of the car clearly overshot the corner and luckily hit the massive concrete barriers placed there.He/she must have crapped themselves though because those barriers are there for a reason..its at the entry to the unfinished bridge and about 10 meters from where his car stopped the bridge suddenly ends and its a 60 foot drop down… if someone knows who it is let me know so we can have a chat with that lucky s.o.b ..especially if its a woman 🙂





~ by mcsavage on June 14, 2009.

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