Baby Chronicles..Baby Momma Drama!

21 weeks today..not actually some baby momma drama but one of my female friends  from the cape flats said i have to mention those words otherwise she will crush me with her boyfriend!

As i mentioned last week the mom and dad are gonna be without each other for about a month and a half since the momma is heading to Canada to go see hexriverher parents and family and friends.Pregnant mom is a little nervous and worried but according to the good doctors over at Kingsbury she has been cleared for travel.They recommended as few layovers as possible and some inflight stockings to prevent thrombosis.They also suggested she go see a doctor there just to check her blood pressure,weight and position of the uterus.The mom has informed me that its not so much the travelling thats bugging her but more the fact that she will be without him..because he is so awesome 🙂 I have stjamesrequested that the mom take plenty of pictures while she’s there so i can keep you updated on her progress.She returns on the 28th July when she will be 27 weeks and 5 days.At present the baba is apparently kicking much more..especially after meals and at random times during the night.Momma is finding it harder to sleep now and it doesnt help that shoulder,neck and back pains are starting to creep in.Mom is also more clumsy but dad does not attribute this to the pregnancy.Baba has layers of fat forming, regulating temperature and a fine layer of hair called lanugo covering his body.Last week i mentioned  that at the fetal assessment it was discovered that the baba had a calcium deposit on one of his heart valves.Apparently these have a very unscientific name,”golf balls” (echogenic cardiac foci) and someone mentioned that they double the chances of Downs Syndrome.About four per cent of babies have them and they are more often seen in the babies of women who are slim and whose scans may therefore be clearer to read.In a panic(plus some emotional snot

yes those are sheep!

yes those are sheep!

and tears) the mom called Dr Morris at Kingsbury who reasurringly dismissed the claims as rubbish and that the chances are so small that they dont even warrant further testing let alone rampant panic.This brings me to an interesting topic.It seems that there are several differing opinions regarding pregnancy,many of them myths or old wives tales.Here are some of the more entertaining myths:

  • MYTH: that you can tell what gender your baby will be by the way you are carrying your child.High tummy for a boy and low for a girl..or vice versa..doesnt matter really since its not true either way!
  • MYTH: holding your hands above your head will strangle or wrap the baby’s umbilical cord around his or her neck.
  • MYTH: the level of morning sickness dictates what the sex of your baby will be.
  • MYTH: taking baths or submerging in water is harmful for the mother and baby.
  • MYTH: harm is brought to a baby if the mother sleeps on her back.
  • MYTH: that if a pregnant woman has heartburn that her baby will have a head full of hair.
  • MYTH: having a bird fly into your home while you are pregnant is a sign that you will miscarry!
  • MYTH: if a baby is born with cafe au lait marks then the mother drank too much coffee during pregnancy!

It seems that dad has way too much time on his hands and sent me this picture..who woulda thought he has an artistic vibe going on!

friendship,love and peace

friendship,love and peace


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