20 weeks 1 day..he’s kicking!!!!!!

What perfect timing.Momma has reached the half way mark and on cue the 06.05.2009 004little one decided to celebrate the occasion by doing some leg extensions!Look at that leg position..coiled and ready for action..like a rattlesnake!)The mom said that ,what at first felt like bubbles has now turned into definate movements and if you look carefully you can see the slightest movements beneath the skin.Both mom and dad were stoked and the kicking or elbowing coincided perfectly with the final fetal 05.06.2009 002assessment scan at Kingsbury Hospital.The ultrasound was conducted by Dr Shannon Morris who im told was very kind and informative and explained everything in a concise and professional manner.Momma says she did all the  previous fetal scans and if you ever find yourself pregnant she is the lady to go to.Dr Morris checked that the baby’s growth was normal and corresponded to the 20 weeks stage.Circumferance of the skull,length of the femur,cross section of the tummy,length from head to bum( 15cm),blood 06.05.2009 001flow in the brain kidneys and placenta, heart rate( 147..dad says its awesome to hear the heart beat) were all assessed and were normal.When she checked the chambers of the heart and the valves ,all was normal except for a tiny white spot of calcium on one of the valves.This apparently fades away later on in the pregnancy.She took several photographs of the scan and ive included all of them..two profiles and two really funny ones.One 06.05.2009 002shows a photo of the baba’s foot and you can clearly see that his second toe is bigger than the big toe.There are several myths accociated with people who have this condition (Morton’s toe is the actual name!) and range from being untrustworthy to being accociated with royalty( go wiki that..its true!) but my favourite is from Romania where its said that a longer second toe is a sign of sexual verility..(dad says that was obvious since the apple 06.05.2009 005doesnt fall far from the tree:) ! The other photo is gonna make half the people reading this go “ewwwww” and the other half (namely all the guys) go “thats awesome”!Its a photo of the little guys man-bits and if you look carefully you will see a gray area infront of it.Apparently Dr Morris said that he was making a pee!!! Swimming in his own pee…nice.. as the dad would say :”go on my son”!

I had more stuff to write about but im gonna leave that for next time.The momma goes overseas in 10 days time while the dad stays here to keep me company..she will be gone about a  month but ill still keep you posted.Lots to still talk about.

05.06.2009 004


~ by mcsavage on June 5, 2009.

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