Caprice boys open new place..

Its been under raps for a while now but seeing that the place is open for business i thought it deserved a mention in my now massively[sic] popular blog 🙂

The esteemed proprietors of the best damn bar in the world,Caprice, have teamed up with Ross to create a new establishment that is set to take the gastronomic world by storm.It comes as no surprise that they would apply their successful formula to a new venture that will undoubtedly attract loyal supporters and virgin clientel alike.Its quite simply really…obtain a small boutique like venue..get an out-the-box-thinking jet-skier like Jeremy to design the interior..use the the best quality products and something nobody else has done locally and make every customer feel special..pure magic.

The new place is called Hudsons and it specialises in burgers.Its essentially a burger joint..nothing too complicated but everything screams quality.Their hands on approach is perfectly suited to the cosy interior.Wood panelling on the walls, the low lighting and the clearly visible kitchen makes you feel like you’re at a friends place.The menu i was allowed to see included two sizes of burger ,150g and 250g and the Original Royal looked like a winner…comprised of a house ground beef patty,topped with bacon,mature cheddar cheeses and beer battered onion rings.Nice and simple but delicious..i like.I dont wanna spoil it by telling you what else you can gonna have to go there and try it yourself.Good job boys…

31.05.2009 005

Its located on Kloof Street (near Finger) and their telephone number is 021 426 5974(South Africa).


~ by mcsavage on June 3, 2009.

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