North Korea tests Nuke..

What was previously thought to be an earthquake in North Korea has turned out to be a nuclear test that goes against a UN resolution forbidding further nuclear testing.An emergency United Nations Security Council meeting  took  place to discuss possible sanctions against Pyongyang’s dictatorship with all five members agreeing (wow!) to condemn the test.The rest of the world may not be in such a panic but just imagine your neighbouring country (like Zimbabwe )doing the same thing?Big test for new US president ,Barack Obama?His uncertain handling of the Guantanamo Bay facility raised some eyebrows and this new incident will undoubtedly be watched with interest.Assuming he does react with force (dont think he will..NK has a well armed major army) then his policy on Iran will have to change as well??and what about all the other nations who blatantly flout UN resolutions? Conspiracy theorists are already having a field day..can anyone say 2012 🙂


~ by mcsavage on May 26, 2009.

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