Daylight robbery at the waterfront…

Was at the the waterfront the other day and went to grab a burger at a diner( think its called the Dodge Diner) while the lady went to get a schwarma.As it was a pleasant day we decided to sit outside in the amphitheater.There we were ..about to enjoy a peaceful mid-morning junk food craving..i had taken a single bite out of my burger when out of a thief in the night ..a damn seagull swooped between us and took the ENTIRE burger right out my hand.This was a decent sized burger and it took a definate dip midflight before being mobbed  by other seagulls all screaming “mine..mine,mine”.After he’d done eating he politely retured to see who else he could steal from.Who said Darwins theory of evolution was rubbish..

smug bastard..

smug bastard..


~ by mcsavage on May 20, 2009.

One Response to “Daylight robbery at the waterfront…”

  1. good thing that you didnt hold your burger too hard,otherwise may be seagul would take you away as well!=)

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