15 weeks 5 days..

After a week of cold misty weather the sun finally came back for the weekend and of course Mom insisted that they have to go the beach and

three boobs?!?

three boobs?!?

get some sun before it dissappears for good.. her temperature fluctuations are still wonky and she goes from freezing to really hot several times a day and just as many during the evening especially since she has to pee about every 20 min..(Dad does not understand how its possible to pee so often and so little..like 5 seconds..without drinking anything inbetween!)Anyway..the reasonably warm weather provided a great sunset and im sure the little guy enjoyed it as much as mom and dad did.Although his eyes are still shut he is apparently sensitive to light and im sure he was looking out for

look dad the green flash!

look dad the green flash!

the green flash!(see previous posts).According to the baby books( 8 and counting now!) his reflexes are operating and he can make a fist and curl toes and maybe even hiccup( mom says she can feel it).Dad is busy reading the baby books and magazines and cant help laughing at the breast pump ad’s ( boobies..lol!) and the weird things they sell at the back of the magazine like the yummymummytummy..an elastic you wear around your waist to make your tummy look smaller so you can wear your normal clothes for longer..huh??? [insert confused guy look ]!

Being outside has also brought about another strange phenomenon..that of strangers wanting to touch the moms tummy and guys wanting to talk to the baby.Dad has a theory that the more the mom pulls away when someone wants to touch her tummy the more shy the little guy is gonna be so he cant see why you wouldnt want more people to touch and project love and happyness.Make sense?Same for people wanting to talk to the tummy..provided they dont  goo goo ga ga (infantilizing is not cool..for both the kid and for the person doing it..stop it..you look like an idiot!).

Mom has no serious complaints (apart from losing a couple of hairs on her head, some weird shoulder pains and a phobia that she is gonna get swine flu!) and her new craving is decaff coffee and jam swiss rolls!She just bought a new pair of stretchy jeans and speaking of presents they asked

thanks G&R..

thanks G&R..

me to please thank all those friends(D&K,A&M,S&K,G&R,T,D..) who have already started spoiling the little guy with clothes,toys,baby Havaianas and even a baby basket.Mom is taking lots of the recommended multi-vitamins(pregnavit,omega 3,6,9 etc) and rubbing on some bio-oil and Palmers massage lotion for stretch marks.The parents are also looking at baby prams..wow so many to chose from..all different..if anyone has advice let me know and ill pass it on.Mom is due to go see the doctor in two weeks and ill get some more ultrasound scans to post.Finally i need to put something in writing!At a braai(BBQ) the  other night a friend made a bet that he will lose his love handles and have a six pack by the time the mom has her baby(around 21 October).This picture is the proof that the bet was made!

good luck Baz...:)

good luck Baz...:)


~ by mcsavage on May 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “15 weeks 5 days..”

  1. so so exciting!!!i am over the moon reading you blog!=)))
    cant wait to come back and talk to tummy and baba some russian!;)

  2. oh and of course good luck Bazel!!!!=))) we belive in you!

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